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Office 365 Rebrand Into M365

Office no Longer, Hello M365.

After 32 years, Microsoft has made the bold decision to rebrand its Office.com and Office cloud-based services as Microsoft 365. This is a major shift for the company and signals a new era of productivity and collaboration tools for users. With this rebranding, Microsoft has bid farewell to the Office brand that has been around since 1987 and welcomed in Microsoft M365.

The rebranding of Office is an exciting development for users who want to take advantage of modern features such as real-time collaboration, AI-powered insights, data analysis tools, and more. With these new features provided by Microsoft 365, users can work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

Office 365 Rebranding Into Microsoft 365

Microsoft officially announced that all their cloud-based Microsoft Office apps and the office.com site would soon be rebranded to Microsoft 365. The rebrand would start with Office.com in November 2022, followed by Microsoft’s free cloud-based versions, the Office app on Windows and Office mobile app will start in, January 2023. However, this does not mean that the Microsoft Office brand is now going away completely. Microsoft says they will continue to offer the one-time purchase license via Microsoft Office 2021 and Office LTSC.

“We will also continue to offer one-time purchases of those apps to consumers and businesses via Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans.”


For now, It’s just a name change and the products will not be affected.

Office 365 rename to Microsoft 365 banner


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