Digital Twin – 360 Service

Digitise Any Space

Our Digital Twin – 360 Service creates a fully interactive, immersive 360 experience of homes, offices, and hotels to factories and shops

Built With

Using The Pro 2

Digital Twins Drive Results

Increase sales

14% by inspiring more customers to visit your property.

Decrease Travel Costs

50% by removing the travel to visit sites. 

Cut project time

30% by letting teams access a property anything-anywhere. 

Cut Carbon

16% by eliminating the need for car and plane travel to operate more sustainably


“The quality of Matterport digital twins instantly builds trust with a prospective buyer. That trust factor is why 71% of our customers, now feel comfortable enough to buy a house sight-unseen when the listing includes a 3D virtual tour from Matterport.”

Daryl Fairweather | Chief Economist Redfin


“It’s a really unique experience. It gives them an opportunity to look at the house from every angle and do it from the comfort of their own home. It’s a 24-hour open house” 

Bill Lawton | Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (MAPS) Coach Keller Williams


“Since adopting Matterport, we find prospects have spent time viewing the 3D virtual tour, getting to know the property, and come to the viewing as authentic, interested parties”

James Quantrell | Director, Winkworth Guildford

Capture your customers' attention in unprecedented ways.

Studies reveal a remarkable 300% increase in customer engagement through Matterport 3D virtual tours compared to traditional 2D imagery. Elevate your customer experience, boost satisfaction, and maximize revenue with the immersive power of virtual tours.

Our Camera Specs

3D Sensing
  • Professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and 3D accuracy.
  • Great for scanning any size space.
  • Perfect for homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings.
  • High-quality 3D capture with unlimited 4K print quality photography.
  • Easy to use 3D capture with the press of a single button and minimal training.
  • Powerful battery for capturing multiple properties in a day.
  • Pairs with any iOS or Android device running the Matterport app.
  • Output pano pixels: 134.2 MP, equirectangular
  • Export images up to 8092px x 4552px
  • Lens: 4K full glass.
  • White balancing: automatic full-mode.
  • 360° (left-right) x 300° (vertical) field of view.
  • Lithium ion battery.
  • Can scan for 8 hours on one charge.
  • 4.5 hour charge time.
  • Included
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